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Youth Board

We need your help!  We are looking for sponsors/donors to help us put on our annual Post Prom Event. Make a donation by clicking here

To learn more about the event click here.

Who Are We?

We are members of the community that care about our youth. The major function of the Youth Board is to be the City’s number one youth advocate. This job is accomplished through overseeing, assisting and equipping the Department of Youth, Recreation and Parks with the resources necessary to organize and implement various youth activities. 



We have monthly meetings, to discuss planning and organizing of events (Fall Festival, Student Government Day, Post Prom Gala, Family Camp Out, and other special events). We also meet to review current youth programming at “The Rec” and help equip those programs.


If you care about the kids of this community and want to be a part of building the future of North Tonawanda through programs that help build character, family values, and help kids make productive use of their time, then this is the group for you. This is an outlet to voice your opinion, provide feedback, and be a part of positive change in our youth culture. 


Join us TODAY and be a part of this positive force pushing our children onward and upward.

Join us!

We are seeking new members to serve on the Youth Board. 

We are in need of adults who bring resources, knowledge, enthusiasm, creativity, and passion to the group, but also are dedicated to devoting their time and energy to making a difference in the world by positively impacting the youth of our city.


The required commitment is a meeting once a month. These meetings can last between 45 minutes to an hour. After that, it's up to you if you want to volunteer further for our events.

Junior Youth Board

Junior Youth Board offers students in grades 7 through 12 opportunities to broaden their personal skills in monthly sessions through hands on individual and group activities as well as discussion. 


We recruit interested students based on our need to improve school connectedness and increase their confidence level. Students will gain skills and become prepared to take on a leadership role in their community.


Participation in monthly sessions helps students become comfortable within the group in order to improve their confidence in working cooperatively as a team as well as independently. 


Topics include but are not limited to decision making, goal setting, teamwork, cooperation, and an understanding of oneself in various social situations. 


Here’s what you can expect at our monthly meetings; activities that involve team building and leadership; food (generally pizza, snacks & refreshments), group discussions led by our leadership team that includes brainstorming, activity planning, and student-centered feedback regarding enhancement, and/or development of programs to serve the youth of our city.


Here’s why you may be interested in joining our group:

  • Be a voice for your peers regarding programs for tees

  • Meeting and event hours count toward community service hours required by NTHS for graduation.

  • Participation looks great on college applications & work-related resumes

  • Have an opportunity to develop leadership skills

  • Have an opportunity to be a part of organizing and developing programs that can create positive change for your city.

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Support the Cause

You Give...

We are not directly funded through the City of North Tonawanda and instead rely on fundraisers, corporate and private donations to assist and supplement the City's Recreation Department for programs and assistance that help serve the kids of our community.  


If you'd like to make a donation, click the link below. 

They Get...

Proceeds from donations go towards a variety of youth events such as...


Student Government Day


Post Prom Event


Youth Program Scholarships

Youth Program Scholarships

The "Everyone Plays" Recreation Program Scholarship was approved at a recent Youth Board meeting, earmarking funds to aid low income families help pay for programs and activities administered by the NT Youth, Parks & Recreation Department.

Any family residing in North Tonawanda that qualifies and can provide proof of enrollment in the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) program or Free Lunch Program through the NT School District will be able to apply for the Scholarship Program.  Providing a copy of your latest 1040 tax form would also suffice as acceptable documented proof of meeting the gross income guidelines for the program.  


Applicants will be able to receive up to $50 credit per child ($150

Kids Staff.jpg

per household) towards youth program & activity costs associated with the NT Youth, Parks & Recreation Department per calendar year. "We know from experience and data that there are many families in our community that are living below the poverty threshold", said Youth Board member and NT Police Captain Karen Smith.  "To be able to provide a means to lessen the financial burden of a young person's participation in a recreation program, or to eliminate the financial barrier that may prevent a youth from participating all together, is the motivation that spearheaded this movement", added Youth Board member Matt Kwiatkowski.   


Scholarship amounts will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be limited based on available funds.  Full details on the program specifics and application process can be obtained by clicking on the Everyone Play's Recreation Program Scholarship link.To be a part of the solution, you can be a youth sponsor, and for $50 cover the cost of their registration for a sport, program or activity for the season!  Click here to sponsor online.  Sponsorship check can also be made out to


NT Youth Board

500 Wheatfield Street North Tonawanda,

NY 14120


For the subject on the check please write "Youth Sponsor"

Post Prom Event

Post Prom Event is an annual event put on by our Youth Board members to provide a safe and supervised post prom environment for our NTHS students.  Our board solicits sponsorships from a variety of businesses and individuals to help make this event possible. From delicious food and mini golf, to live entertainment, photo booths, themed games and TONS of prize giveaways, this yearly event is the exclamation point on a memorable and safe night for the students.

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Post Prom2.jpg
Post Prom4.jpg

Student Government Day


Student Government Day is a North Tonawanda High School tradition dating back many, many years. It is an all-day event for a select group of high school youth who are elected or appointed by their classmates to “serve” as a city official or department head for the day.  

Students are provided with the unique, first-hand experience of learning who their city officials are, and how their local government works. 

The entire school gets to take part in the voting process which includes campaigning by the candidates that THEY nominated and learning how to use the same scantron voting machines that are used in our actual elections. This helps to encourage them to become informed, active voters in the future.


Once voting is complete, those elected and appointed by their peers spend a day with their counterparts at City Hall. They are given a tour of various city facilities including Sweeney Hose Fire Station, the wastewater treatment plant and the police station.

During a sponsored luncheon, students are given some personal time with their city counterpart in order to give them the opportunity to learn more about the department they operate.

At the luncheon, the Mayor and specially chosen guest speaker address the students and allow time for a question and answer period.

In the evening, the elected student officials and their parents and caregivers are invited back to participate in the City Council meeting. The students run the meeting themselves, guided by their counterparts.

Student Government Day is a wonderful tradition dating back 35+ years. It raises the student's awareness of how they can make an impact on their local community.

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