North Tonawanda Youth Center


Who are we and what do we do?

We are members of the community that care about our youth. The major function of the Youth Board is to be the City’s number one youth advocate. This job is accomplished through overseeing, assisting and equipping the Department of Youth, Recreation and Parks with the resources necessary to organize and implement various youth activities. 

We have monthly meetings, to discuss planning and organizing of events (Fall Festival, Student Government Day, Post Prom Gala, Family Camp Out, and other special events). We also meet to review current youth programming at “The Rec” and help equip those programs.

If you care about the kids of this community and want to be a part of building the future of North Tonawanda through programs that help build character, family values, and help kids make productive use of their time, then this is the group for you. This is an outlet to voice your opinion, provide feedback, and be a part of positive change in our youth culture. 

Join us TODAY and be a part of this positive force pushing our children onward and upward.


We are seeking new members to serve on the Youth Board. 

We are in need of  adults who bring resources, knowledge, enthusiasm, creativity, and passion to the group, but also are dedicated to devoting their time and energy to making a difference in the world by positively impacting the youth of our city.