North Tonawanda Youth Center

Youth Basketball League

Our program is a great opportunity for your child to get a full basketball experience (from beginner to more advanced). 

We offer a series of three to four clinics to prep your child for league games.  Following the clinics, participants will be assigned coaches and teams (clinics are also used to assess each child's current skill level to ensure team assignments are equal and games are competitive).  Once teams are assigned, players will receive a schedule, jersey and will be ready to hit the ground running!

Each team will have 1-2 practices with their coach prior to the regular season of games beginning.  From there on out, team's will play games each week, complete with referees, score keepers and statisticians.  We engage the crowd with our upbeat announcing over the PA system, and update our website each week with complete game write-ups, updated standings, and Player of the Week honors.

Our goal is for our participants to learn and practice basketball in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Our coaches are trained to ensure EVERY player gets equal playing time, and an opportunity to be engaged in the game.

2019-2020 NT Youth and Recreation Basketball Clinics Schedule

Listed below are the clinic dates and times for the NT Youth and Recreation basketball league. During clinics, players will learn the fundamentals of basketball, so that when the regular season begins, players can make meaningful contributions for their teams. 

It is very important that registered players attend the clinics during their assigned time slot. In addition to teaching the players, the clinics are also used as a time for coaches to evaluate player abilities, before it comes time for them to draft their teams. When players do not attend clinics, it makes our overall process of creating evenly matched teams much more difficult. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nick Kraus at

Saturday Clinic Schedule (3rd & 4th grade boys; 7th-9th grade girls; 7th & 8th grade boys)

3rd Grade Boys Basketball Clinics: 

Saturday, November 30th: 9 am-10 am

Saturday, December 7th: 10 am-11am

Saturday, December 14th: 10 am-11 am

Saturday, December 21st: 10 am-11 am

4th Grade Boys Basketball Clinics:

 Saturday, November 30th: 10 am-11 am

Saturday, December 7th: 11 am-12 pm

 Saturday, December 14th: 11 am-12 pm

 Saturday, December 21st: 11 am-12 pm

7th-9th Grade Girls Basketball Clinics

Saturday, November 30th: 11 am-12 pm

Saturday, December 7th: 12pm-1pm

Saturday, December 14th: 12 pm-1 pm

Saturday, December 21st: 12 pm-1 pm

7th Grade Boys Basketball Clinics 

Saturday, November 30th: NO CLINICS

Saturday, December 7th: 1 pm-2:30 pm

Saturday, December 14th : 1-2:30 pm

Saturday, December 21st: 1-2:30 pm

8th Grade Boys Basketball Clinics

 Saturday, November 30th: NO CLINICS

 Saturday, December 7th: 2:30 pm-4 pm

 Saturday, December 14th: 2:30pm-4 pm

Saturday, December 21st: 2:30 pm-4 pm

Monday Clinic Schedule (3rd & 4th grade girls; 5th & 6th grade girls) 

3rd & 4th Grade Girls Basketball Clinics

Monday, December 2nd: 5:30 pm-7 pm

Monday, December 9th: 5:30 pm-7 pm

Monday, December 16th: 5:30 pm-7 pm

5th & 6th Grade Girls Basketball Clinics

Monday, December 2nd: 7-8:30 pm

Monday, December 9th: 7-8:30 pm

Monday, December 16th: 7-8:30 pm

Thursday Clinic Schedule (5th & 6th grade boys)

5th Grade Boys Basketball Clinics

Thursday, December 5th: 5:30 pm-7 pm

Thursday, December 12th: 5:30 pm-7 pm

Thursday, December 19th: 5:30-7 pm

6th Grade Boys Basketball Clinics

Thursday, December 5th: 7 pm-8:30 pm

Thursday, December 12th: 7 pm-8:30 pm

Thursday, December 19th: 7 pm-8:30 pm