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Playoff Schedule for June 29th 


12 pm--Chiefs (#1 seed) vs Rams (#4 seed) (Game A)

1:15 pm--Bills (#2 seed) vs Steelers (#3 seed) (Game B) 

2:30 pm--Championship (Winners of Game A and Game B)

Player of the Week: June 22nd 

Brandon Marinelli--Bills

Brandon was unstoppable during his team's double-header on Saturday. During his team's first game, Brandon scored 2 touchdowns, an interception, and a safety...all within the span of 10 minutes! Throughout the day, Brandon would sack the QB 3 more times. Brandon's contributions helped his team pull off the double-header victories, securing second place in the standings.   

Unsung Hero of the Week: June 22nd

Mohammad Abdullah--Steelers

Mohammad had arguably his best game of the season, consistently playing well on the offensive line, while also using a few timely blitzes to sack the QB 2 times. Mo was willing to do the dirty work for the Steelers, while also having a couple of nice runs on the afternoon. 


Chiefs (5-2)

Bills (4-3)

Steelers (3-4)

Rams (2-5)

2019 Spring Football Schedule 


May 11th--12 PM         Rams vs Chiefs

May 11th--1:15 PM      Steelers vs Bills

Regular Season

May 18th   Rams defeat Steelers, 28-14

May 18th   Chiefs defeat Steelers, 28-7

May 18th   Chiefs defeat Bills, 14-7 F/2OT

May 25th--12 PM         Rams vs Chiefs

May 25th--1:15 PM      Rams vs Bills

May 25th--2:30 PM      Steelers vs Bills

(games postponed to June 22nd)

June 1st  Bills defeat Chiefs 7-0 F/OT

June 1st  Chiefs defeat Steelers, 21-7

June 1st  Steelers defeat Rams, 14-7 F/OT 

June 8th Steelers defeat Bills, 28-24

June 8th Rams defeat Bills, 35-21 

June 8th Chiefs defeat Rams, 49-21 

June 15th  Steelers defeat Rams, 7-0

June 15th  Bills defeat Chiefs, 14-7 

June 22nd  Chiefs defeat Rams, 28-0

June 22nd  Bills defeat Rams, 23-7

June 22nd  Bills defeat Steelers, 21-0

(games rescheduled from May 25th)


June 29th--12 PM     Chiefs (#1 seed) vs Rams (#4 seed) (Game A) (Semi-Finals)

June 29th--1:15 PM  Bills (#2 seed) vs Steelers (#3 seed) (Game B)  (Semi-Finals)

June 29th--2:30 PM  CHAMPIONSHIP (Winner Game A vs Winner Game B)

**Playoff seeding will be determined by the culmination of games of June 22nd games. 

**Tie-breakers determined by head-to-head record between tied teams. 

Please arrive approximately 10 minutes before the start of your game to warm-up with your team! 

**In the event of inclement weather, call 695-8520 ext. 5520 and press 1 for the sports hotline.**