North Tonawanda Youth Center


June 17, 18, 19 & 20

Prepare yourself, Class of 2021. It's time for you to SURGE onto the city to compete against your classmates in a series of hunts, challenges and competitions.

You will use our interactive Surge App to receive your Surge hunt challenges.. They could include finding and checking in to a specific landmark and answering challenge questions about it. Or, we may ask you to record yourself and teammates competing various challenge tasks and posting the pics or videos on to the Surge App newsfeed. 

Each hunt will be worth points. The amount of points awarded will vary from hunt to hunt. The more points you collect the greater your chances of being the grand prize winners.

The grand prize will be a limo ride for you and your teammates to the Senior Drive-In Movie night on Wednesday, June 30. The limo will be filled with swag bags and snacks galore for the victors. 

Various other prizes and "treats" will be available to all participants throughout the entire Surge. T-shirts, gift certs, and some other great swag will be given away. 

You can't win unless you SURGE!

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How will you define your last days of high school?