North Tonawanda Youth Center

Meet the Staff

All our staff is First-Aid certified, and also trained in dealing with youth.  We are here to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for you and it is our mission that we provide programs that meet your expectations.  We hope you come and get to know us, as we get to know you!


Martha Russell

Playground Supervisor, Youth Center Supervisor

Emily Partell

Youth Center Attendant; Dance Coach
Nicole Wilkinson

Youth Center Attendant

Noah Minor

Youth Center Attendant; Playground Attendant

Jake Gibson

Youth Center Attendant

Jordan Fox

Youth Center Attendant
Colleen Wiechec

Youth Center Supervisor: Theater Club Leader

Danielle Mahoney

Youth Center Attendant, Playground Attendant

Taylor Proch

Youth Center Attendant

Alyssa Gierke

Cheerleading Coach

Courtney Sharples

Youth Center Attendant

Kayla Barone

Youth Center Attendant

Arleta Sharples

Youth Center Attendant; Dock Leader

Kevin Proch

Youth Center Attendant; Pool Supervisor

Daniel Proch

Youth Center Attendant

Jaxin Romanow

Youth Attendant

Josh Sharples

Youth Attendant


Nick Kraus

Basketball Staff; Playground Attendant

Eli Williams

Youth Center Attendant; Basketball Coach

Lou Medina

Youth Center Attendant, Basketball Coach
Eric Partell

 Basketball Staff
Jacob Lemke

Basketball Staff; Youth Center Attendant
Rachel Kielaszek

Basketball Coach, Theater Club Leader
Joe Kraus

Basketball Staff; Playground Attendant

Alex Quinn

Basketball Staff; Youth Attendant