North Tonawanda Youth Center


Come Out and Play

  • All ages welcome [5 - 18]
  • $10 per week for per child
  • NT residents only

Ages 11 & under - 10 AM to Noon
Ages 12 & over - 1 PM to 3 PM

Session 1

Wurlitzer Park - July 13-17

Payne Park - July 20-24

Pine Woods Park - July 27-31

Session 2

Wurlitzer Park - August 3-7

Payne Park - August 10-15

Pine Woods Park - Aug 17-21

Are you ready for some socially safe kids activities?  Join us for our REC SPORTS day program at Wurlitzer, Payne and, Pine Woods Parks. We'll keep numbers low, distances far and sanitize as we go along.

Staff will be wearing masks and appropriate PPE.

While masks will not be required at ALL times, each child will be required to have a mask with them.

Children must bring their own water bottle. Water stations will not be available.

All activities will be scrupulously planned to keep the kids socially distanced and safe.

There are 2 sessions. In order to allow for more people to enjoy this opportunity, we ask that you only pick 1 park per session for your child/ren to attend.

There will be a limit of 30 children for each park. Those 30 will be split into 3 groups of 10, each with their own Rec Staff to guide them through various games and activities.

  • Non contact relay races
  • Wiffle ball home run derby
  • Slick Trick basketball shot contest
  • And many more...

Each Friday will be a water play day and kids should bring a towel with them.

Children will rotate around between stations every 40 minutes or so. 

Kids will be given specific "holding areas" to stand in while receiving instruction. 

Any and all equipment will be sanitized after every use. (Though our activities will be planed to not allow for sharing equipment). 

The best part? We have been working diligently in planning to ensure the kids won't even realize they're socially distancing. We're hoping to make play seem as normal as possible. It will all appear to be a game to them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email Michelle at 716.695.8550 Ext 5510 or