North Tonawanda Youth Center

Kids Craft Club

Let's Get Crafty

  • All ages welcome [5 - 18]
  • $10 per session for 1 child
  • $5 for each additional child

Session 1 delivery  7/ 6 - 7/10

Session 2 delivery 8/3 - 8/10

Join our Kids Craft Club.

There will be 2 sessions offered this summer. Each session will provide your child with 4 different crafts.

We'll give you all of the supplies you will need for each craft including links to our how-to videos.

Crafts can be done at your leisure. Just pull out the kit for the particular craft you want to do, log in to our craft video page and you're all set.  


Session 1 Crafts

Deliveries are beginning today, July 8. 

Water Bottle Bird Feeder

Rock Painting

Hanging Flower Pots

Pony Bead Keychains


Craft #1 - Hanging Planters

Craft #2 - Rock Painting

Craft # 3 - Bird Feeder

Craft # 4 - Bead Buddy - Part 1

CRaft #4 - Bead Buddy Part 2

Session 2 Crafts

Boondoggle Key Chain

Salt Dough Fun

Water Color Picture Holder

Summer Contest


Session 2 Craft Videos

Craft #1 Boondoggle key chains

Boondoggle Variation Links

Craft #2 - Water Color Picture Holder

Craft #3 - Salt Dough Fun

Craft #4  Summer Contest

Summer Contest Details

Color the page we gave to you using either the crayons or the colored pencils we provided. 

Once completed, take a picture of your masterpiece and email it to Michelle at (We'd love for the picture to be of the artist holding their creation.)

Entries have to be emailed to Michelle by the completion of the day on Friday, September 11.

All entries will be judged by Rec staff and we'll announce the winners on Friday, September 18.

Categories for Judging:

    • Pre K & Kindergarten
    • 1st - 3rd Grades
    • 4th - 6th grades
    • 7th - 9th grades
    • 10th and up

Winners in each category will win their own NT Parks & Rec t-shirt and and NT Parks & Rec water bottle.

Show us what you got!! And have fun with it!