North Tonawanda Youth Center

Kevin Proch Memorial 3v3 Basketball Tournament
& Skills Competition

Join us for a fun opportunity to support a great cause.  All proceeds benefit the Kevin Proch Memorial Scholarship (awarding a scholarship to one NTHS Senior in 2023).


Location:  Hope Center Gymnasium (383 Vandervoort Street, NT 14120).
Date:        December 31, 2022
Times:      Times TBD based on # of teams (19& up division: morning start; 12-14 division early afternoon start; 15-18 division afternoon/early evening)

Cost:  $80 per team (included in cost is 1 drink ticket, 1 meal ticket, 1 door prize raffle ticket for each player)

A link for payment information will be emailed upon submitting your roster.

All players must fall in appropriate age division (younger players may play up). 
12-14 division (no more than 2 players on freshman basketball team)
15-18 division (no more than 2 players on varsity basketball team)

Team captains will be emailed tournament schedule 2-3 days prior to the event.

For more information contact Alex @ (716) 579-4434 or email 



  • 12:30-1:00pm Men’s 3-point competition ($5 per entry)

Attempt to make as many 3-point shots as possible from five positions behind the 3-point arc. Each station contains four basketballs, with each ball made worth 1 point. The final ball in each rack (bonus ball) is worth 2 points. Contestants have one minute to complete all 5 stations. Winner of the event receives a $25 gift card.

  • 1:00-5:00pm Youth Skills & Shot Competition: (free- $5 donation accepted) *Pre-registration required

Youth grades 3-12 are invited to participate in the skills & shot competition. Entry into the event includes participation in three separate contests (See contest descriptions below)

  • 1:00-2:00pm 3&4 grade (using modified baskets)
  • 2:00-3:00pm 5&6 grade
  • 3:00-4:00pm 7&8 grade
  • 4:00-5:00pm 9-12 grade

  • Basketball Skills Obstacles Course- Navigate through the skills obstacle course which includes speed dribbling, passing to targets, speed agility, and completing a layup and shot. Each contestant will be timed, and the fastest recorded time in each grade division will receive a prize.

  1. Free Throw Competition: Each contestant will shoot 20 consecutive free throws. The participant making the most free-throws in their grade division will receive a prize. In case of ties, a shoot off will ensue to determine the winner!

  1. Hot Shot Competition: Each contestant will have 50 seconds to make shots and collect as many points as possible. Select “shot spots” will be dispersed around the basket (closer shots worth less point value, further shots worth more point value). The contestant with the most total points in each grade division will receive a prize.

The Kevin Proch Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kevin Proch was born on June 30, 1962. Kevin and his family grew up in North Tonawanda. He graduated from North Tonawanda High School in 1981. Except for a few years in Florida as an adult, he lived his whole life in North Tonawanda.

As a youngster Kevin spent many summer hours at Payne Park and Memorial Pool. This was the beginning of his long association with the Recreation Department. It was during High School that Kevin became certified as a lifeguard. He first began working for the NT Recreational Department at Wurlitzer Pool and Memorial Pool. It would be years later that Kevin returned to work for the North Tonawanda Recreational Department to run Memorial Pool as well as to supervise kids and staff at the North Tonawanda Youth Center.

His primary job was working for the North Tonawanda City School District as a custodian. His job responsibilities extended beyond the domestic engineering check lists. Kevin was present for many of the NT athletic contests. He was the self-imposed cheerleader for all teams, encouraging kids to perform to the best of their abilities. He was a father figure for many students and young athletes alike.

To honor Kevin and his contributions to NTHS athletics and the North Tonawanda Recreation Department, his family and friends are establishing the Kevin Proch Scholarship Fund. 1 senior who was a high school athlete AND a past participant of a Recreation Department program, will receive a yet to be determined amount of funds to be used towards post high school expenses.

 We are seeking donations of gift certificates and scratch off lottery tickets to be used for raffle prizes. Monetary donations will also be collected to be used toward tournament operational costs.


Scholarship Information 

Funds raised through this event will be presented to 2 student applicants from the North Tonawanda High School 2023 senior class.


1.   Awarding two (2), $2500 scholarships
2.   Participated in NTHS Sports Program(s) for your freshman,                          sophomore, junior or senior years.
           a.   List all teams and positions played
           b.   Provide the names of NT Head Coaches played for
3.   Participated in a North Tonawanda Recreation Department                          Program(s)
           a.   List programs and years participated in (general idea if there                       are many)
4.   Submit a (REQUIRED) typed essay of not more than 500 words:                Please type and if you are submitting your essay separate from your          application, please double space 
           a.   Share what impact NT athletics and NT Recreation have had in                   your life.
5..   Outline your need for financial assistance. Include 1 goal you'd like to accomplish in the first 5 years after high school.