North Tonawanda Youth Center

@ Pine Woods Park

Halloween Havoc

  • Saturday, October 24
     7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

     (Clink link for directions)

Free to all who dare to enter. 

We're asking for a donation of a canned good(s) in lieu of charging an admission fee. All canned goods donated will go to fill The Little Free Food Pantries in NT.

This is a drive-thru Halloween event. 



Come Be a Part of the Fun

Are you a halloween enthusiast who would like to help us create some Havoc?

We're looking for groups to volunteer to decorate either a Backdrop, a trunk or create an active scene to be a part of our halloween experience.

This is a perfect opportunity for your business or organization to get involved to provide a safe halloween event for the NT Community and beyond. 

Maybe your group of friends loves the season and would be interested in putting on an active halloween scene to add to the thrills and chills of the evening. 

We'll be handing out prizes to the top 3 displays for the evening based on visitor voting. 

Winners will receive praise and accolades in addition to these monetary prizes.

1st place -  $100 visa gift card

2nd place - $75 visa gift card

3rd place -  $50 visa gift card

There are 3 different ways for you to participate.


  • Backdrop Scene

You will be provided with a stationary backdrop that you can use to decorate in whatever manner you wish.

(Please keep the gorification to a minimum)

The backdrop stands about 6 feet high and is approximately 10 feet wide. They will be placed in strategic areas throughout the park. 

You are not limited to decorating this space only. You will have free rein to the area surrounding this temporary structure as well. 



  • Trunk/Auto Display

Use that SUV for more than just a kid caravan.

We would like to have car displays parked throughout the park right along the driving route to give our visitors front row viewing of your creative auto displays. 

This is a fun and easy way to get your friends and family involved. You could even turn your display into and active scene. 

So many ideas out there. We're looking forward to seeing your creativeness shine.


  • Active Scene

While we're not expecting you to get 15 of your closests friends, dress up like zombies and perform the dance from Thriller for 3 hours straight.... though that would be sweet....

You could, perhaps, take on a scene from the Walking Dead with some zombies behind a fence trying to get at those tasty brains, or witches boiling their prey in a cauldron, or maybe Jason Vorhees chasing those terrified teenagers around Camp Crystal Lake.

The park is literally your stage for the evening. Make it creepy, make it scary just please don't make it gorey or inappropriate.