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Game Location
(Payne Park- 848 Payne Ave)

848 Payne Ave 14120

7th-9th Grade Girls Summer Basketball League


Players of the Week

Standings (after Week 5)
1) UConn (5-1)
2) Arizona (5-2)
3) Baylor (0-7) 

Playoff Scenarios: 

UConn clinches #1 seed and bye to the Championship with a victory over Arizona on 8/3, or 2 total wins on Tuesday 8/3. 

Arizona clinches #1 seed and bye to the Championship with a victory over UConn on 8/3 that is by 10 points or more (head-to-head points tie-breaker), or with 2 UConn losses on 8/3 (Would hold better overall record). 

The next tie-breaker is overall points scored. If Arizona beats UConn by 9 points exactly, it would come to this tie-breaker. The result of the scenario is not as clear at the moment because UConn still has two games left to play, whereas Arizona only has one remaining. 

Baylor has clinched the #3 seed, and will play in the semi-finals on 8/10 at 6:30 pm. 


Game Scores: 

Week 1: 6/29
Arizona defeat Baylor (forfeit) 

UConn defeat Baylor 27-22

Week 2: 7/6

UConn defeat Arizona 30-26

Arizona defeat Baylor 48-34

Week 3: 7/13

UConn defeat Baylor 56-18

UConn defeat Arizona 42-34

Week 4: 7/20

UConn defeat Baylor, 41-30

Arizona defeat Baylor, 49-46

Week 4: 7/27

Arizona defeat Baylor, 49-20

Arizona defeat UConn, 33-30