North Tonawanda Youth Center

Easter Bunny's On the Road!


Registered individuals will be emailed with details regarding the time and date of the visits.

Limited to City of North Tonawanda Residents 

(Wheatfield residents with a North Tonawanda mailing address are not residents)

The Easter Bunny will be out and about April 6-April 10 between 9am-4pm with a special Rec staff escort. He will wave to children and put out easter eggs for them.

If you’d like him to stop by your North Tonawanda residence put in your request by entering your information below.  You will be provided with a visitation time schedule on April 3 to let you know when you should expect us in your neighborhood.  

IMPORTANT (Please read and follow carefully)...

Families are asked to wave from a safe distance, either inside from the window or outside from the front porch.  We ask that families not approach the bunny at the sidewalk or end of the driveway.  Due to the circumstances, the bunny cannot take pictures with your family, nor can he give hugs, high fives etc.  He too is practicing SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING!  We've been instructed to tell you that if you behave the bunny just may even toss a couple Easter eggs your way!