North Tonawanda Youth Center

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Game Location
(Payne Park- 848 Payne Ave)

848 Payne Ave 14120

10th-12th Grade Outdoor Summer Basketball League

Congratulations to the 76ers on winning the 10th-12th Grade Basketball 2021 Championship!

Front Row (left to right): Max Townsend, John Phillips, Jayden Henderson, Nick Sciandra

Back Row (left to right): Marvin Townsend, Quinn Haynes, Andrew Barnes, Jacob Schiesser, Tyler Worral, Coach Jacob Lemke


August 11th

Semi-Finals: Hawks defeated Clippers 47-36

Championship:  76ers defeated Hawks 49-43


Final Scores: 

Week 1: June 30th
76ers defeat Hawks 53-52

Hawks defeat Clippers 64-60

Week 2: July 7th

76ers defeat Clippers 56-53

76ers defeat Hawks 63-58

Week 3: July 14th

Hawks defeat Clippers 51-50

76ers defeat Clippers 64-45

Week 4: July 21st

Hawks defeat Clippers, 66-59

Hawks defeat 76ers, 65-54

Week 5: July 28th

76ers defeated Hawks, 67-38

76ers defeated Clippers, 59-51

Week 6: August 4th

76ers defeated Clippers, 58-44

Hawks defeated Clippers, 57-44

PLAYOFFS: August 11th

Semi-Finals: Hawks (2 seed) defeated Clippers (3 seed), 47-36

Championship: 76ers (1 seed) defeated Hawks, 49-43