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(Payne Park- 848 Payne Ave)

848 Payne Ave 14120

5th & 6th Grade Boys Summer Basketball League



The Celtics defeated the Nets 22-8 to be crowed the 2021 Summer League Champions! Congratulations to the Celtics on an awesome season! 

Celtics Roster: 

Front Row (left to right): Luke McMurrary. Henry Welsch, Charlie Welsch, Jacob Lawson

Back Row (left to right): Eric Grinnell, Richard Keller, AJ Millar, Connor Shiesley

Coach: Jordan Fox

Not pictured: Benjamin Oviatt, Zachary Lassman. 


Playoffs: August 9th: Semi-Finals 

Jazz (#4 Seed) defeated Warriors (#5 Seed) 34-19

Celtics (#1 Seed) defeated Jazz (#4 Seed) 32-5

Nets (#2 Seed) defeated Knicks (#3 Seed) 18-14

Championship: August 16th: 

Celtics defeated Nets, 22-8 

Team Rosters:

Final Scores: 

Week 1: June 28th 

Celtics defeat Jazz, 33-25

Knicks defeat Nets 23-18 (F/OT)

(Warriors: Bye Week)

Week 2: July 5th: 

Jazz and Nets tie 29-29, F/OT

Celtics defeat Warriors 25-10

(Knicks: Bye Week)

Week 3: July 12th: 

Nets defeat Warriors, 22-12

Jazz defeat Knicks, 37-25

(Celtics: Bye Week)

Week 4: July 19th: 

Knicks defeat Warriors, 32-21

Celtics defeat Jazz, 27-14

(Nets: Bye Week)

Week 5: July 26th: 

Knicks defeat Celtics, 28-22

Nets defeat Warriors, 22-11

(Jazz: Bye Week)

Week 6: August 2nd:

Jazz defeat Warriors, 30-16

Nets defeat Knicks, 28-24

Celtics defeat Knicks, 30-15

Playoffs: August 9th: 

Jazz (#4 Seed) defeated Warriors (#5 Seed), 34-19

Celtics (#1 Seed) defeated Jazz (#4 Seed), 32-5 

Nets (#2 Seed) defeated Knicks (#3 Seed), 18-14

Championship: August 16th: 

Celtics defeated Nets, 22-8