North Tonawanda Youth Center

Astronomy in the Park


  • Kids K - 12 Welcome
  • Free to NT Residents
  • Limited spots available
  • Staff will be on hand so parents don't have to stay but are more than welcome to join in our space exploration adventures.

The North Tonawanda Recreation Department is ecstatic to be offering this free summer astronomy program for kids. 

Curious young ones will be given the opportunity to use telescopes and binoculars, including an 80mm telescope capable of viewing deep sky objects with relative ease.

Each class will offer a new lesson on various stellar, lunar and planetary phenomenon. Our resident astronomical enthusiasts, Tom Arida, will offer up enthusiastic discussions, exciting experiments and thrilling viewing opportunities to stimulate your young minds and peak your interest of further space exploration.

Programs will run each week from 8:00 PM to approximately 11:00 PM depending on the topic and weather conditions. All dates are subject to change due to weather. 

Week1 - July 6 - Telescope Training and Venusian Observation
Basic introduction to the course along with discussions on the scientific method as it's used through the lens of astronomy. We'll also be seeking out what is usually the brightest object in the sky, Venus.

Week 2 - July 20 - The Moon
How was the moon formed? What are it's effects on the tides and what are some of the more popular lunar landmarks that we can see with a telescope?

Week 3 - July 27 - Jupiter
This week we'll be talking about Jupiter's chemical composition, the Galilean Moons, Europa and much more. Even though Jupiter is the largest planet and will be visible with the naked eye, attendees will get the chance to view some of it's more smaller stellar objects with the aid of telescopes. 

Week 4 - August 3 - Saturn
We all know about the many moons of Saturn but who wants to know how they got there,  and is there life on any of those moons??

Week 5 - August 10 - Space Travel and Deep Sky
The final week will contain a discussion on a forward-facing history of space including the Apollo program and Perseverance Rover. There will so much to see and so much to do.

While the classes are free to NT residents, we are still requiring registration as spaces are limited. We will also ask that if you cannot make a class you previously registered for that you notify us so that we can open up that sport for someone else.

Each week we will provide light beverages and snacks and perhaps an extra special treat here ad there.

Bring a blanket, bring a chair, bundle up in case there's a chilly breeze, and come explore with us.

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle at or 695-8520 Ext 5510