North Tonawanda Youth Center

7th - 9th Grade Girls Basketball


Arizona (2-0)

UConn (1-1)

Tennessee (1-1)

Baylor (0-2)

Player of the Week 

January 25h

Kyler Shiesley--Tennessee 

Kyler had a great overall game for the Lady Volunteers, scoring 8 points, grabbing 5 rebounds, dishing 4 assists, snatching 5 steals, and recording a block. Kyler played hard defense the entire afternoon, making life difficult for her opponents. Kyler also was a reliable hand on offense, making many great passes. 

Unsung Hero of the Week 

January 25th 

Taylor Sciandra--Arizona

Taylor had a great overall game on Saturday, scoring back-to-back baskets in the second quarter to help her team cement a lead. She also recorded a block, and played great defense throughout the game, consistently stopping the ball and forcing errant passes. 

Team Rosters


Coach: Lou Medina


Alanah Baker

Hailey Bronson

Ariana Caron

Ava E. Devald

Kiyana Harris

Isabella Langworthy

Molly Lyons

Raygen Manzare

Sydney March

Sophia Waliszewski


Coach: Jacob Lemke


Areeba Ali

Saba Ali

Alexis Juliano

Kaylee Juliano

Marisa Rickard

Taylor Sciandra

Ella Smith

Emilie Smith

Ella Waliszewski

Amanda Young


Coach: Jordan Fox


Gabriella Cashion

Avery Geartz

Ashlynn Hill

Cadence Hill

Macey Kovach

Elizabeth Lyons

Angelina Ratzel

Madelyne Ringler

Maggie Shiesley

Tayler Woolston


Coach: Nick Kraus


Brittany Day

Annabelle Day

Natalie Endres

Kayla Franklin

Cassidy Hemingway

Ava Seelbach

Lia Seelbach

Kyler Shiesley

Kiera Tokarczyk

2019-2020 7th-9th Grade Girls Basketball Schedule

**Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!**

Date                Time                    Match-up

Preseason: Practice/Scrimmages

4-Jan              1:00 PM               Arizona and Tennessee

4-Jan              2:00 PM               Uconn and Baylor

11-Jan            1:00 PM               Baylor and Tennessee

11-Jan            2:00 PM               Uconn and Arizona

Regular Season

18-Jan            Uconn defeat Baylor, 20-17

18-Jan            Arizona defeat Tennessee, 38-31

25-Jan            Uconn defeat Arizona, 30-15

25-Jan            Tennessee defeat Baylor, 46-20

1-Feb             1:00 PM               Uconn vs Tennessee

1-Feb             2:00 PM               Arizona vs Baylor

8-Feb             1:00 PM               Arizona vs Tennessee

8-Feb             2:00 PM               Uconn vs Baylor

15-Feb           1:00 PM               Arizona and Baylor            Practice

15-Feb           2:00 PM               Uconn and Tennessee       Practice

22-Feb           1:00 PM               Baylor vs Tennessee

22-Feb           2:00 PM               Uconn vs Arizona

29-Feb           1:00 PM               Arizona vs Baylor

29-Feb           2:00 PM               Uconn vs Tennessee

7-Mar             1:00 PM               Uconn vs Baylor

7-Mar             2:00 PM               Arizona vs Tennessee

14-Mar           1:00 PM               Uconn vs Arizona

14-Mar           2:00 PM               Baylor vs Tennessee

21-Mar           1:00 PM               Uconn vs Tennessee

21-Mar           2:00 PM               Arizona vs Baylor


28-Mar           1:00 PM               1 seed vs 4 seed (Game A)

28-Mar           2:00 PM               2 seed vs 3 seed (Game B)


4-Apr             1:00 PM               Winner Game A vs Winner Game B

*Playoff seeding will be determined by the culmination of March 16 games.

Tie Breakers determined by head-to-head record between tied teams.

**Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!**