North Tonawanda Youth Center

7th - 9th Grade Girls Basketball

In an effort to assist in the slowing of the spread of the now infamous COVID-19 virus, also know as the coronavirus, we will be postponing basketball league games for the week, starting Saturday, March 14.

While there are many mixed messages being sent out by various media outlets, we agree that it is better to be safe than to play basketball. (Though basketball is a close second to all of us here at The REC.)

Saturdays Dance Team performance will be postponed as well.

We will regroup and provide you with more details as they evolve in the days to come. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Michelle Bernas
Youth Program Coordinator


Arizona (6-1)

Tennessee (5-2)

UConn (3-4)

Baylor (0-7)

Player of the Week

Annabelle Day--Tennessee

Annabelle had herself a ‘day’ on Saturday, scoring 4 points and grabbing 6 rebounds, along with 2 steals and a block. While the stats may seem low, it was Annabelle’s fantastic job on the defensive end of the floor that got her nominated as this week’s Player of the Week. Annabelle applied great pressure to the girls she guarded, making it nearly impossible for the opposing team to gain any traction on the offensive end. Annabelle’s efforts on the defensive end set the tone for Tennessee, as she helped her team play some of their best defense of the season.

Unsung Hero of the Week

Madelyn Ringler--Baylor

Madelyn was on fire from the outside on Saturday, scoring 8 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. Maddie started out hot, scoring on back-to-back jumpers in the opening quarter. Maddie’s jump-shooting abilities were on full display Saturday afternoon, as she made it look easy, making shots that hit nothing but net. On the defensive end, Maddie also snatched 4 total steals.

Team Rosters


Coach: Lou Medina


Alanah Baker

Hailey Bronson

Ariana Caron

Ava E. Devald

Kiyana Harris

Isabella Langworthy

Molly Lyons

Raygen Manzare

Sydney March

Sophia Waliszewski


Coach: Jacob Lemke


Areeba Ali

Saba Ali

Alexis Juliano

Kaylee Juliano

Marisa Rickard

Taylor Sciandra

Ella Smith

Emilie Smith

Ella Waliszewski

Amanda Young


Coach: Jordan Fox


Gabriella Cashion

Avery Geartz

Ashlynn Hill

Cadence Hill

Macey Kovach

Elizabeth Lyons

Angelina Ratzel

Madelyne Ringler

Maggie Shiesley

Tayler Woolston


Coach: Nick Kraus


Brittany Day

Annabelle Day

Natalie Endres

Kayla Franklin

Cassidy Hemingway

Ava Seelbach

Lia Seelbach

Kyler Shiesley

Kiera Tokarczyk

2019-2020 7th-9th Grade Girls Basketball Schedule

**Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!**

Date                Time                    Match-up

Preseason: Practice/Scrimmages

4-Jan              1:00 PM               Arizona and Tennessee

4-Jan              2:00 PM               Uconn and Baylor

11-Jan            1:00 PM               Baylor and Tennessee

11-Jan            2:00 PM               Uconn and Arizona

Regular Season

18-Jan            Uconn defeat Baylor, 20-17

18-Jan            Arizona defeat Tennessee, 38-31

25-Jan            Uconn defeat Arizona, 30-15

25-Jan            Tennessee defeat Baylor, 46-20

1-Feb             Tennessee defeat Uconn, 58-27

1-Feb             Arizona defeat Baylor, 41-27

8-Feb             Arizona defeat Tennessee, 45-44

8-Feb             Uconn vs Baylor, 21-17

15-Feb           1:00 PM               Arizona and Baylor            Practice

15-Feb           2:00 PM               Uconn and Tennessee       Practice

22-Feb          Tennessee defeat Baylor, 38-31

22-Feb          Arizona defeat Uconn, 21-15

29-Feb           Arizona defeat Baylor, 32-15

29-Feb           Tennessee defeat Uconn, 32-22

7-Mar             Uconn defeat Baylor, 25-20

7-Mar             Tennessee defeat Arizona, 26-17

14-Mar           1:00 PM               Uconn vs Arizona

14-Mar           2:00 PM               Baylor vs Tennessee

21-Mar           1:00 PM               Uconn vs Tennessee

21-Mar           2:00 PM               Arizona vs Baylor


28-Mar           1:00 PM               1 seed vs 4 seed (Game A)

28-Mar           2:00 PM               2 seed vs 3 seed (Game B)

28-Mar           3:00 PM               Winner Game A vs Winner Game B (Game C)

*Playoff seeding will be determined by the culmination of March 16 games.

Tie Breakers determined by head-to-head record between tied teams.

**Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!**