North Tonawanda Youth Center

7th & 8th Grade Boys Basketball

Player of the Week
Week 2: January 25th

Adam Kyler--Memphis

Adam came out with vengeance on Saturday after struggling week one. Adam had 18 points, 2 rebounds, 2 steals and a block. On offense, Adam sliced and diced the defense, making many great moves to get to the basket. On defense, Adam was tenacious, consistently disrupting passes. 

Unsung Hero of the Week

Week 2: January 25th 

Derek Jelen--Oregon

Derek may have only had 5 points, but it was the 3 assists and many other great passes that helped propel his team to victory. Derek provided a steady hand for the offense all afternoon, and consistently made great plays. 


Oregon (2-0)

UCLA (1-1)

Louisville (1-1)

Memphis (1-1)

LSU (1-1)

Syracuse (0-2)

Team Rosters


Coach: Eli Williams


Anthony Battaglia

Zachary Cilano

Sal Constantino

Braedon Dembek

Jayden Henderson

Jayden Mayville

Kazmere Pitner

Anthony Savino

Dwight Spencer

Makhi Spencer


Coach: Jacob Lemke


Blake Denhaese

Brody Dwyer

Talan Garver

Adam Kyler

Vinnie Lodovico

Jimmy Messer

Michael Mikulski IV

William Mollosky

Aaron Quinn

Carter Wohlleber


Coach: Nick Kraus


Luke Bradley

Dominic Caccamise

Cameron Gruarin

Joshua Kennedy

Presten Manzare

Mateo Marazzo

Ryler Mnich

Ian Wilson

Ryan Wojtaszek

Nicholas Woroiecki


Coach: Jordan Fox


Romeon Alriche

Nick Argenio

Aiden Bennett

Dylan Burd

Landon Calvert

Matthew Grinnell

Joseph Holman

Evan Johnson

Henry Millar

Matthew Szabo


Coach: Lou Medina


Kalen Drury

Tristan Fox

Chad Himmelback

Derek Jelen

Brandon Jopp

Connor Lembke

Brett Pettit

Thomas Polek

Nathan Schaefer

Jacob Smith


Coach: Dan Proch


Jack Baker

Chris Desiderio

Evan Eodice

Augie Giordano

Noah Matyevich

Matthew Schmutzler

Jacob Szlis

Sam Tortorella

Ryan Tuite

Connor West

2019-2020 7th & 8th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule

**Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!**

DATE       TIME           TEAM VS TEAM

Preseason: Practice/Scrimmages 

4-Jan       3:00 PM       Syracuse and Louisvile

4-Jan       4:00 PM       UCLA and Oregon

4-Jan       5:00 PM       LSU and Memphis

11-Jan     3:00 PM        LSU and UCLA

11-Jan     4:00 PM        Louisville and Memphis

11-Jan     5:00 PM        Oregon and Syracuse

Regular Season

18-Jan     Louisville defeat LSU, 40-35

18-Jan     Oregon defeat Memphis, 38-15

18-Jan     UCLA defeat Syracuse, 39-27

25-Jan     Memphis defeat UCLA, 39-20

25-Jan     LSU defeat Syracuse, 32-29

25-Jan     Oregon defeat Louisville, 37-35

1-Feb       3:00 PM        Syracuse vs Memphis

1-Feb       4:00 PM        Louisville vs UCLA

1-Feb       5:00 PM        Oregon vs LSU

8-Feb       3:00 PM        UCLA vs Oregon

8-Feb       4:00 PM        LSU vs Memphis

8-Feb       5:00 PM        Syracuse vs Louisville

15-Feb     3:00 PM        Syracuse and UCLA     Practice

15-Feb     4:00 PM        LSU and Louisville        Practice

15-Feb     5:00 PM        Memphis and Oregon   Practice

22-Feb     3:00 PM        Louisville vs Memphis

22-Feb     4:00 PM        Syracuse vs Oregon

22-Feb     5:00 PM        LSU vs UCLA

29-Feb     3:00 PM        UCLA vs Syracuse

29-Feb     4:00 PM        Louisville vs LSU

29-Feb     5:00 PM        Memphis vs Oregon

7-Mar       3:00 PM        Oregon vs Louisville

7-Mar       4:00 PM        Memphis vs UCLA

7-Mar       5:00 PM        Syracuse vs LSU

14-Mar     3:00 PM        LSU vs Oregon

14-Mar     4:00 PM        Syracuse vs Memphis

14-Mar     5:00 PM        Louisville vs UCLA



21-Mar     3:00 PM        3 seed vs 6 seed       (Game A)

21-Mar     4:00 PM        4 seed vs 5 seed       (Game B)

21-Mar     5:00 PM        1 seed and 2 seed      Practice


28-Mar    3:00 PM         2 seed vs Winner Game A     (Game C)

28-Mar    4:00 PM         1 seed vs Winner Game B     (Game D)


4-Apr       2:00 PM        Winner Game C vs Winner Game D    (Game E)

*Playoff seeding will be determined by the culmination of March 14 games.

Tie Breakers determined by head-to-head record between tied teams.

**Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!**