North Tonawanda Youth Center

5th & 6th Grade Girls Basketball

In an effort to assist in the slowing of the spread of the now infamous COVID-19 virus, also know as the coronavirus, we will be postponing basketball league games for the week, starting Saturday, March 14.

While there are many mixed messages being sent out by various media outlets, we agree that it is better to be safe than to play basketball. (Though basketball is a close second to all of us here at The REC.)

Saturdays Dance Team performance will be postponed as well.

We will regroup and provide you with more details as they evolve in the days to come. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Michelle Bernas
Youth Program Coordinator


Golden Griffs (7-0)

Bulls (4-3)

Bonnies (2-5)

Purple Eagles (1-6)

Team Rosters


Coach: Michelle Bernas


Mikayla Campbell

Gabrielle Giesing

Grace Giesing

Lyla Hughes

Charlotte Lyons

Lila Mirowski

Paige Raymond

Olivia Schmidt

Jordyn Szczesniak

Golden Griffs
Coach: Jacob Lemke

Addison D'Andrea

Annabelle Day

Lily Day

Amber Gambino

Juliana Haacker

Jessica Lindhurst

Madison Mascardo

Hannah Talarico

Sophie Virgilio


Coach: Lou Medina


Emma Bush

Nora Davidson

Emmalina Fumanti

Lexi Gampp

Haley Hebeler

Emma Miller

Natalie Prezioso

Emeline Sparks

Emma Stahl

Purple Eagles

Coach: Nick Kraus


Natalie Caccamise

Maddie Caron

Paige Cress

Serena D'Amico

Nadia Furman

Haley Geartz

Brianna Hill

Teagan Leith

Liana Wisniewski

2019-2020 5th & 6th Grade Girls Basketball Schedule

**Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!**

Date           Time                   Match-up

Preseason Practice/Scrimmage:

6-Jan         7:00 PM             Bonnies and Golden Griffs

6-Jan         8:00 PM             Bulls and Purple Eagles

13-Jan       7:00 PM             Bulls and Golden Griffs

13-Jan       8:00 PM             Bonnies and Purple Eagles

Regular Season

20-Jan       Golden Griffs defeat Purple Eagles, 44-10

20-Jan       Bulls defeat Bonnies, 19-18

*Note: League Activities still held on MLK Jr. Day

27-Jan       7:00 PM             Bulls defeat Purple Eagles, 24-19

27-Jan       8:00 PM             Golden Griffs defeat Bonnies, 42-16

3-Feb         7:00 PM             Purple Eagles defeat Bonnies, 20-18

3-Feb         8:00 PM             Golden Griffs defeat Bulls, 28-11

10-Feb       7:00 PM             Bonnies defeat Bulls, 15-13

10-Feb       8:00 PM             Golden Griffs defeat Purple Eagles, 34-10

17-Feb       7:00 PM             Golden Griffs and Bonnies       Practice

17-Feb       8:00 PM             Purple Eagles and Bulls           Practice

*Note: League Activities still held on President's Day

24-Feb       7:00 PM             Golden Griffs defeat Bulls, 28-13

24-Feb       8:00 PM             Bonnies defeat Purple Eagles, 25-13

2-Mar         7:00 PM             Bulls defeat Bonnies, 19-18

2-Mar         8:00 PM             Golden Griffs defeat Purple Eagles, 30-16

9-Mar         7:00 PM             Bulls defeat Purple Eagles, 21-13

9-Mar         8:00 PM             Golden Griffs defeat Bonnies, 29-17

16-Mar       7:00 PM             Bonnies vs Purple Eagles

16-Mar       8:00 PM             Bulls vs Golden Griffs


23-Mar       7:00 PM             1 seed vs 4 seed (Game A)

23-Mar       8:00 PM             2 seed vs 3 seed (Game B)


30-Mar       7:00 PM             Winner Game A vs Winner Game B

*Playoff seeding will be determined by the culmination of March 16 games.

Tie Breakers determined by head-to-head record between tied teams.

Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!