North Tonawanda Youth Center

5th & 6th Grade Boys Basketball

In an effort to assist in the slowing of the spread of the now infamous COVID-19 virus, also know as the coronavirus, we will be postponing basketball league games for the week, starting Saturday, March 14.

While there are many mixed messages being sent out by various media outlets, we agree that it is better to be safe than to play basketball. (Though basketball is a close second to all of us here at The REC.)

Saturdays Dance Team performance will be postponed as well.

We will regroup and provide you with more details as they evolve in the days to come. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Michelle Bernas
Youth Program Coordinator


First Round: March 19th 

#1 seed: Supersonics (Practice at 5 pm)

6 pm: Braves (#2 seed) vs Pelicans (#7 seed) (Game A)

7 pm: Lakers (#3 seed) vs Rockets (#6 seed) (Game B)

8 pm: Spurs (#4 seed) vs Clippers (#5 seed) (Game C)

Semi-Finals: March 26th 

6 pm: Winner Game A vs Winner Game B

7 pm: Supersonics (#1 seed) vs Winner Game C

Championship: April 2nd @ 6 pm


Supersonics (8-0)

Braves (5-3)

Lakers (4-4)

Spurs (4-4)

Clippers (3-5)

Rockets (2-6)

Pelicans (2-6)

Player of the Week

Carter Becker--Rockets 

Despite the loss, Rockets guard Carter Becker was on fire Thursday evening, scoring 11 points, grabbing 3 rebounds, and snagging a steal and block. Seemingly everything Carter put up went in the hoop, as Carter nailed a pair of three-pointer, as well as a few mid-ranger jumpers to keep the Rockets within the game. Carter’s shooting abilities were on full display Thursday evening during the regular season finale.

Unsung Hero of the Week

Chase Smith--Pelicans

Chase came up clutch for the Pelicans, drilling the game-winning basket with under 4 seconds remaining. Chase nailed the open shot from on the wing, as it hit nothing but net and gave the Pelicans the lead. Overall, Chase had 6 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 steals, displaying great effort on both ends of the floor. Chase’s efforts helped propel the Pelicans to victory on Thursday evening.

Team Rosters


Coach: Caleb Royer


Blake Deloreto

Jack Giancola

Caleb Herbert

Leo Janowsky

Lucas Johnson

Samuel Kish

Mert Kreps IV

Peyton Moore

Luca Randazzo

Aiden Schmitt


Coach: Jake Lemke


Derek Leiker

Owen Lozo

Brennon Oneil

Adrico Palmer Ii

Trey Pecoraro

Joseph Polek

Cameron Smith

Joshua Streicher

Emilio Taber

Brenon Tokarczyk


Coach: Eli Williams


Joey Bihary

Ryan Brady

Brayden Harlos

Gavin Haynes

Payton Hutchinson

Braydon Marcus

Mason Mikulski

Brandon Miller

Brody Schmutzler

Blake Suitor


Coach: Nick Kraus


Jacob Abramowski

Andrew Cinquino

Aidan Mcguire

Isaac Piorkowski

Aiden Raymond

Mason Richau

Aris Schultz

Najir Schultz

Brandon Starich

Ryan Whalen


Coach: Dan Proch


Johnny Bertini

Dominic Baker

Anthony Christian

Isaak Franklin

Ryan Grimm

Mason Jackson

Aiden Reed

Ryan Richner

Aiden Shingleton

Chase Smith

Super Sonics

Coach: Jordan Fox


Greydan Barnwell

Matthew Bradley

John Cipolla

Joshua DeVantier

Trevor Harris

Nicholas Holman

Braxton Kilgour

Jaxson O'Connell

Brady Rogers

Boris Walek


Coach: Lou Medina


Anthony Baran

Carter Becker

Brendan Dalke

Brody Denhaese

Nolan Haffey

Ethan Harris

Nathanial Patterson

Nolan Schebell

Johnathan Touma

Braxton Vaillancourt

2019-2020 5th & 6th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule

**Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!**

DATE           TIME                 TEAM VS TEAM

Preseason: Practice/Scrimmages

2-Jan           5:00 PM              Rockets and Braves

2-Jan           6:00 PM              Lakers and Pelicans

2-Jan           7:00-8:15 pm      Spurs, Clippers Supersonics

9-Jan           5:00 PM             Spurs and Rockets

9-Jan           6:00 PM             Clippers and Supersonics

9-Jan           7:00-8:15 pm     Braves, Lakers, Pelicans

Regular Season

16-Jan         Braves defeat Clippers, 25-24 F/OT

16-Jan         Pelicans defeat Lakers, 18-7

16-Jan         Supersonics defeat Spurs, 28-14

                    Bye: Rockets

23-Jan         Braves defeat Pelicans, 19-18

23-Jan         Spurs defeat Rockets, 28-19

23-Jan         Lakers defeat Clippers, 25-19

                   Bye: Supersonics

30-Jan        5:00 PM           Practice: Spurs

30-Jan        Supersonics defeat Lakers, 38-14

30-Jan        Clippers defeat Pelicans, 16-8

30-Jan        Rockets defeat Braves, 29-26

6-Feb         5:00 PM           Practice: Pelicans

6-Feb         Supersonics defeat Braves, 38-14

6-Feb         Spurs defeat Clippers, 27-23

6-Feb         Lakers defeat Rockets, 23-18

13-Feb       5:00 PM          Practice: Lakers

13-Feb       Rockets defeat Pelicans, 26-23

13-Feb       Braves defeat Spurs, 20-19

13-Feb       Supersonics defeat Clippers, 38-25

(Note: No recaps provided for this week. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

20-Feb       Lakers defeat Spurs, 29-27

20-Feb       Clippers defeat Rockets, 27-26

20-Feb       Supersonics defeatRockets, 53-19

20-Feb       Supersonics defeat Pelicans, 39-22

                  Bye: Braves

*Note: The Rockets and Supersonics each have double-headers on 2/20.

27-Feb       5:00 PM         Practice: Braves and Clippers

27-Feb       Braves defeat Lakers, 27-24 F/OT

27-Feb       Supersonics defeat Rockets, 30-28

27-Feb       Spurs defeat Pelicans, 34-28

5-Mar         5:00 PM         Practice: Rockets

5-Mar         Lakers defeat Pelicans, 22-17

5-Mar         Supersonics defeat Spurs, 31-23

5-Mar         Braves defeat Clippers, 35-22

12-Mar       5:00 PM        Practice: Supersonics

12-Mar       Spurs defeat Rockets, 38-26

12-Mar       Clippers defeat Lakers, 35-32

12-Mar       Pelicans defeat Braves, 20-18



19-Mar        5:00 PM        Practice: Supersonics (1 seed) 

19-Mar        6:00 PM        Braves (2 seed) vs Pelicans (7 seed) (Game A)

19-Mar        7:00 PM        Lakers (3 seed) vs Rockets (6 seed) (Game B)

19-Mar        8:00 PM        Spurs (4 seed) vs Clippers (5 seed) (Game C)


26-Mar        6:00 PM        Winner Game A vs Winner Game B  (Game D)

26-Mar        7:00 PM        1 seed vs Winner Game C                 (Game E)


2-Apr           6:00 PM       Winner Game D vs Winner Game E (Game F)

*Playoff seeding will be determined by the culmination of March 12 games.

Tie Breakers determined by head-to-head record between tied teams.

**Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!**