North Tonawanda Youth Center

3rd & 4th Grade Boys


Bucks (1-0)

Nets (1-0)

Raptors (1-0)

Kings (1-0)

Blazers (0-1)

Knicks (0-1)

Magic (0-1)

Pacers (0-1)

Player of the Week: 

January 18th 

Preston Loncar--Bucks

Preston's energy paved the way for the Bucks, as he scored 14 points, grabbed 7 rebounds, dished out 2 assists and tallied 6 steals. Preston was all over the court on both sides of the ball, playing tenacious defense, and impacting countless shot attempts, while pushing the ball up the court to get easy points in transition. 

Unsung Hero of the Week: 

January 18th

Nicholas Notaro--Nets 

Nicholas had himself a game in the paint, registering an astonishing 19 rebounds in his team's victory. Essentially, if there was a rebound, Nick went up and got the ball. In addition, Nick scored a basket and dished out 3 assists, while stealing the ball 3 times too. 

Team Rosters:


Coach: Lou Medina


Alex Bielaski

Hudson Daigler

Gavin Gebhardt

Zackary Lassman

Carter Micoli

Mason Milleville

Samuel Schebell

Wesley Stahl

Michael Touma


Coach: Caleb Royer


Richie Andres

Jackson Broome

Benjamin Burgasser

Jude Byrnes

Kurt Davidson

Cole Frank

Spencer Juliano

Dante Pizza

Charlie Weir

Heath Wohlleber


Coach: Jordan Fox


Cayden Boyd

Ethan Higgins

Richard Huff

Benjamin Oviatt

Frank Pavicich

Cameron Popovich

Jack Rider

Connor Shiesley

Matthew Vittum


Coach: Nick Sciandra


Jack Berndt

Connor Berry

Zachary Biermann

Sam Rieselman

Trevion Robertson

Jamison Voisinet

Brayden Wilson

Connor Wurl

Brody Stutz


Coach: Eli Williams


Cullen Battaglia

Nathaniel Border

William Cashion

Eric Grinnell

Corin Hardin

Jacob Lawson

Baylen Loncar

Preston Loncar

AJ Millar

Rocco Prezioso


Coach: Jacob Lemke


Diego Andres

Cameron Bartels

Aaron Battaglia

Logan Copeland

Noah D'Avirro

Brody Eodice

Jordan Fortner

Dreighton Fowler

Maksym Wojciechowski


Coach: Dan Proch


Colton Becker

Lavin Drury

Vincent Giannantonio

Jackson Haacker

Richard Keller Iv

Nicholas Notaro

William Siegel

Josiah Sparks

Dylan Sumi


Coach: Nick Kraus


Vance Adamson

Devan Barnwell

Cameron Bolender

Salvatore Burkhardt

Jameson Dalke

Nolan Kamberai

Raymond Keidel

Easton Osuch

Michael Perfetti

2019-2020 3rd & 4th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule

**Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!** 

Date                Time                     Match-up

Preseason: Practice/Scrimmages

4-Jan               9:00 AM               Bucks and Magic

4-Jan              10:00 AM              Knicks and Raptors

4-Jan              11:00 AM              Blazers and Pacers

4-Jan              12:00 PM              Kings and Nets

11-Jan              9:00 AM              Kings and Magic

11-Jan             10:00 AM             Knicks and Pacers

11-Jan             11:00 AM             Bucks and Nets

11-Jan             12:00 PM             Blazers and Raptors

Regular Season

18-Jan            Bucks defeat Blazers, 37-13

18-Jan            Nets defeat Magic, 31-13

18-Jan            Kings defeat Knicks, 16-14

18-Jan            Raptors defeat Pacers, 27-16

25-Jan            9:00 AM                Magic vs Raptors

25-Jan           10:00 AM               Bucks vs Kings

25-Jan           11:00 AM               Nets vs Pacers

25-Jan           12:00 PM               Blazers vs Knicks

1-Feb             9:00 AM                  Blazers vs Kings

1-Feb             10:00 AM                Nets vs Raptors

1-Feb             11:00 AM                Magic vs Pacers

1-Feb             12:00 PM                Bucks vs Knicks

8-Feb             9:00 AM                 Knicks vs Nets

8-Feb            10:00 AM                Blazers vs Magic

8-Feb            11:00 AM                Bucks vs Raptors

8-Feb            12:00 PM                Kings vs Pacers

15-Feb           9:00 AM                 Pacers and Raptors     Practice

15-Feb           10:00 AM               Knicks and Kings         Practice

15-Feb           11:00 AM               Blazers and Bucks       Practice

15-Feb           12:00 PM               Magic and Nets            Practice

22-Feb           9:00 AM                 Kings vs Raptors

22-Feb           10:00 AM               Blazers vs Nets

22-Feb           11:00 AM               Knicks vs Magic

22-Feb           12:00 PM               Bucks vs Pacers

29-Feb            9:00 AM                Blazers vs Pacers

29-Feb            10:00 AM              Kings vs Nets

29-Feb            11:00 AM              Bucks vs Magic

29-Feb            12:00 PM              Knicks vs Raptors

7-Mar              9:00 AM                Bucks vs Nets

7-Mar             10:00 AM               Knicks vs Pacers

7-Mar             11:00 AM               Blazers vs Raptors

7-Mar             12:00 PM               Kings vs Magic

14-Mar            9:00 AM                 Nets vs Pacers

14-Mar           10:00 AM                Bucks vs Kings

14-Mar           11:00 AM                Magic vs Raptors

14-Mar           12:00 PM                Blazers vs Knicks



21-Mar             9:00 AM                 1 seed vs 8 seed      (Game A)

21-Mar            10:00 AM                2 seed vs 7 seed      (Game B)

21-Mar            11:00 AM                3 seed vs 6 seed       (Game C)

21-Mar            12:00 PM                4 seed vs 5 seed       (Game D)


28-Mar           11:00 AM    Winner Game A vs Winner Game D    (Game E)

28-Mar           12:00 PM    Winner Game B vs Winner Game C    (Game F)


4-Apr               12:00 PM    Winner Game E vs Winner Game F   (Game G)

*Playoff seeding will be determined by the culmination of March 14 games.

Tie Breakers determined by head-to-head record between tied teams.

**Please arrive aprox. 10 minutes before each game to warm-up with your team!**